The Mottistone offers you easy, affordable access to private healthcare in the hands of a team for whom clinical excellence is both the objective and the reality.

Each of our senior Consultants, all of whom are based at St Mary's Hospital, are experienced, highly-regarded clinicians in their respective areas of medicine.

They are supported at the hospital by their own teams of doctors and, here at The Mottistone, also by very experienced nursing staff updated regularly in a range of specialist skills.

Working alongside them to ensure your stay at the unit – whether as an inpatient or outpatient – is as comfortable and stress-free as possible are The Mottistone's management and business team. They'll be in regular contact with you.

It adds up to a hospital experience unequalled on the Isle of Wight, one that provides a firm platform of support for the broad range of clinical specialties offered to our private patients – here at the heart of NHS healthcare on the Island.