Frequently Asked Questions

I would like to go private – what do I do first?
The first step to having treatment at the Mottistone is to obtain a GP referral. You will need to see your GP who will write a letter of referral to one of our private consultants. On receipt of this the Consultants secretary will contact you to arrange an appointment for your first consultation. At this appointment, the consultant will discuss with you the need for any inpatient treatment and the cost involved.
I am insured – how you I go about arranging a Consultation and treatment at The Mottistone?
The Mottistone has agreements with various major UK or overseas health insurance companies. It is advisable to contact your private insurance company prior to your initial consultation to check you are covered for your planned treatment, including your first outpatient appointment, and to check whether your policy is liable for an excess that you would need to pay. To obtain treatment at The Mottistone funded by Insurance Company, you will need to see your GP who will write a referral will letter to the relevant private consultant her at The Mottistone. On receipt of your referral, the Consultants secretary will contact you to arrange your first outpatient appointment. At the appointment, the Consultant will discuss with you any need for inpatient treatment, which will be organised at the first available opportunity.
Can I book Diagnostic imaging through the Mottistone?
If you are having a private consultation with one of the Consultants and they recommend you have imaging, you will be referred to the Diagnostic Imaging department for a private appointment. If you would like to access private imaging directly please call Diagnostic Imaging on 01983 524081.
I do not have Private Health Insurance– can I pay for my own private treatment at The Mottistone?
Yes, we offer self funding packages at The Mottistone. If you do not have private health insurance, you can pay for the treatment you require at The Mottistone, from the initial consultation to inpatient and follow-up care. We can provide you with a quotation for the cost of your initial Consultation and inpatient treatment before you make a commitment.
Can I book a private mammogram?
This service is available through St Marys Breast Screening Unit. You will need to ask your GP to refer you for this service. If you have any questions please contact the Breast Screening Unit on (01983) 534560, a member of their team will be happy to help you.
Will I need to attend a pre-assessment appointment before my procedure?
Depending on the surgery you are having, you may be required to attend a pre-operative assessment clinic before your procedure. Depending on the procedure your pre-assessment can include • Height, weight, blood pressure and temperature check • Pulse, drug assessment and past medical history check • MRSA swab, full blood count & U & E blood test (urea and electrolytes) • Urine test • Echogram and peak flow tests. Before you come into hospital for treatment, it is vital that you follow any individual instructions given in your confirmation letter. For example, you may be required to refrain from eating and/or drinking prior to your operation. Please also observe any directions regarding x-rays, blood tests or other tests before admission. Your consultant will advise whether you should continue to take any regular medication prior to your operation. But, please contact us if you are currently taking any blood thinning medication or if you have a pacemaker fitted. Please ensure you return the pre-admission questionnaire to us before your stay, as we use the information provided to plan your care.
I was seen two years ago by a Consultant at the Mottistone – will I need to be referred again?
This will usually depend on how much your condition has changed over the past two years. We suggest you give us a call and we will ask the Consultant and let you know.
Confirming cover with your Insurance Company
The best way to ensure your Insurer will cover your treatment cost is to contact them prior to each stage of treatment, including your first outpatient appointment to inform them of the treatment details. At this stage you will need to confirm whether they will cover any follow up appointments The Mottistone has direct settlement arrangements with many insurance companies and will normally submit charges to them directly. We will need to know the following • Your insurer • Your policy number • Your scheme details if you are insured under a Company scheme • Your pre-authorisation number for your treatment Consultants may invoice to your home address and it may be necessary for you to forward bills to your insurer.
What to bring with you if you are staying at The Mottistone?
We ask you to bring in • Nightwear • Casual clothing to wear towards the end of your recuperation • Warm clothing as the process of undergoing surgery can reduce your temperature. • Personal toiletries. • Books or magazines to read during your stay. • Any medication you are currently taking in the original labelled containers Also, your completed admission questionnaire, dietary sheet and insurance documentation, if applicable. We strongly recommend that you do not bring any valuables, jewellery, large amounts of cash or credit cards
What time can I expect to be discharged from Hospital?
You will be advised by your Consultant or nurse how long you will need to stay in hospital for and when you can go home. On the day of discharge you will usually be discharged and asked to vacate your room by 11am. If there is a delay for your take home medication to arrive on the ward, we may ask you in this instance to vacate from your room to our Private Patient Lounge. We strongly recommend that you ask a friend or relative to collect you as you should not drive your car for at least 24 hours after surgery.
Can I book an appointment to have a NHS blood test at the Mottistone?
Yes - if you have been referred for a blood test by your GP or another hospital and would prefer the convenience of an appointment, this can be arranged at The Mottistone. The cost of an appointment is £25, this includes complementary parking for the duration of your appointment.
Are private blood tests available through The Mottistone?
Yes, Mottistone offers a range of blood tests privately. All private tests are reported on by Consultant Dr Al-bahrani and results will be sent to you by post.
Well Man Checks – What’s involved and how do I book?
Yes, Urology Consultant Mr John Makunde offers a Private Well Man Check. This service includes a physical examination and consultation / Medical history and lifestyle report and personal health action plan / Height and weight measurement / Body mass index / Blood pressure and pulse rate measurements / Advice on the best exercise for you. The check also includes a Full blood count / Cholesterol profile blood test / Diabetes blood test / Urine analysis / Urea and electrolytes. Testicular examination / Testicular awareness instruction / Prostate cancer blood test (PSA) / Abdominal examination / Rectal examination & Dietary assessment. A written report will be sent to the General Practitioner, with a copy to the patient. Professional fees: £338.00. To Book please call Mr Makunde's Secretary Ann Tomsett on (01983)730033
Can children be treated at the Mottistone?
Unfortunately we do not offer private peadriatric services at The Mottistone.