Out Patients

Private Outpatient Appointments at The Mottistone

The Mottistone offers a unique private consulting and treatment centre located at St Marys Hospital. Our patients benefit from the expertise of highly experienced Consultants, and appointments are arranged quickly and efficiently.

Our Modern consulting rooms offer patients comfort and privacy for assessments and examinations, and with our close links to the NHS we offer convenient access to diagnostic imaging services including X-ray, MRI, Ct and Ultrasound, enabling a rapid diagnosis.

The Mottistone have a complementary parking provision conveniently located near to our facility. A parking permit will be sent to you with your appointment letter, or can be picked up from our reception on arrival.

To access this service you will need to see your GP to request a letter of referral to one of our private Consultants. On receipt of your referral, the Consultants secretary will contact you to arrange an appointment for your first consultation. At this appointment, the Consultant will discuss with you the need for any inpatient treatment and the cost involved, if required.

Your GP will be able to advise you which Consultant would be the relevant person to see. If you are self-funding, outpatient fees vary according to the Consultant but range from £150-£250 per consultation. Further fees will be payable if any investigations or tests are carried out, prices for these will be discussed with you in advance of treatment or referral for treatment.

Payment options

At The Mottistone we welcome patients who are self-paying as well as patients with private medical cover from all major insurance companies. On enquiry we will advise you of the likely cost of your consultation. Payment is usually due on the day however if you are insured we ask you to contact your insurance company to ensure they will cover the cost of the consultation and bring details with you.

Additional charges

In addition to the Consultants consultation fee, if you require any outpatient tests or treatment, you will be charged separately by both your Consultant and the hospital, such as follows:

  • Minor outpatient surgical procedures – the Hospital and Consultant will charge separately
  • Blood tests and/or histo-pathology - these will be invoiced directly from the Hospital.
  • Tests a such as Diagnostics (e.g. x-rays, ultrasound scans) and prescriptions for drugs – these will be invoiced for by the Hospital

Additional charges will always be discussed with you before going ahead with any treatment.