Most operations today require some form of anaesthesia. Your anaesthetist is an important member of the surgical team. You are in excellent hands!

Your anaesthetist is a fully qualified medical doctor who has spent years receiving specialised training in anaesthesia.

In this training he or she acquires extensive knowledge of drug effects, medical illnesses, the body's response to surgery, and the highly technical modern equipment used in administering and monitoring an anaesthesia. In addition, your anaesthetist has detailed knowledge of emergency procedures.

Before your operation, your anaesthetist will visit you and ask you important questions about your health and medical history.It is very important that you answer all questions truthfully and completely.

The anaesthetist will want to know about:

• any medications you may be taking;
• your overall health, previous operations and hospitalisation; 
• any allergies to foods, drugs or environmental agents; 
• any unusual reactions to drugs or anaesthetics that you or anyone in your family has had; 
• any history of asthma, diabetes, heart problems or other health concerns; 
• use of cigarettes, the birth control pill or alcohol.