Breast Surgery

Breast Assessment and Surgery

Breasts symptoms understandably concern many women and are one of the commonest reasons that women consult their general practitioners. Timely assessment and investigation is essential to ensure that worrying conditions can be detected early but also for the majority of women, who have no significant breast disease, they can be rapidly reassured.

The breast surgeons at the Mottistone offer timely assessment and investigation of women who have concerns regarding their breast. This will involve a clinical assessment and the use of mammograms, breast ultrasound and biopsies as required.Breast imaging can usually be performed on the same day of the appointment in a ‘one-stop’ clinic and if a biopsy is required, the result will usually be available within 5 days.

For the minority of patients who are shown to have breast cancer, the breast surgeons at the Mottistone offer a full range of breast cancer surgery and breast reconstructive techniques.They work closely with Radiologists in the Breast Screening Unit and oncologists from Southampton as part of an effective multidisciplinary team. 

Breast augmentation is one of the most popular forms of cosmetic surgery in the UK and has changed the lives of many women, increasing their self-esteem and confidence. Choosing a breast enlargement is a very personal decision. Some women wish to restore volume and firmness to their breasts after weight loss, pregnancy or a previous surgical procedure like a mastectomy. Others may wish to boost their confidence in their appearance and when wearing certain clothes. Whatever your personal situation and how it may be affecting you, our Consultants can provide expert care, information and advice to help you reach the right decision for you