The Mottistone's pain and relief treatment team offer fast access to assessment and consultation clinics as well as relief interventions.

If needed, additional resources at the NHS Pain Clinic in St Mary’s Hospital, such as access to psychology, physiotherapy and acupuncture, are available.

To directly book an appointment for consultation and assessment, please ring 01983 526699 or send an email enquiry to If you are referred by a doctor we will contact you after receiving the referral letter.

You can also find further information at SAPS Medical 

Meet your consultant

Dr Michael Luckmann

  • Job title: Consultant Anaesthetist
  • Year qualified: 1992
  • Primary speciality:
  • Professional memberships: AAGBI.British Pain Society,BMA
  • Clinical interests: Pain medicine, Pain relief procedures, education & advice for pain sufferers
  • Qualifications: MO, PhD (Hamburg), Dip Chronic Pain Medicine (Germany)

With pain medicine as my special interest I offer medical assessment advice and relief treatment for patients with persisting pain problems, including back and neck pain. Also, osteoarthritis, osteoporosis, other painful musculo-skeletal disorders, various forms of nerve pain diseases like trlgemlnal neuralgia, metabolic neuropathies or nerve injuries, fibromyalgia, and cancer pain.

My aim is comprehensive assessment of pain and any resulting physical restrictions and mood changes to provide advice, reassurance and pain relief through medication and I or various procedures (injections and others).

While it is usually not possible to cure underlying long term conditions the associated pain and resulting problems can often be relieved and stabilised.

Appointments contact number: 01983526699 Outpatient clinic times: Most weekday mornings. or evenings after 5pm