Chemical pathology is the branch of pathology dealing with the biochemical basis of diseases and the use of biochemical tests for diagnosis and management.

Our Consultant in chemical pathology is a physician trained to manage metabolic disorders. Dr Al-Bahrani, the consultant chemical pathologist on the Isle of Wight – the Island's lead pathologist – heads the team at the Chemical Pathology department. Dr Al-Bahrain offers one-to-one private consultations at the Mottistone to telephone consultations.

Dr Al-Bahrani's areas of interest are management of cholesterol and fat disorders, obesity, calcium, vitamin D and magnesium disorders, metabolic bone diseases like osteoporosis, Paget’s disease, under or over-active parathyroid gland, and electrolyte disorders related to sodium (salt) and water imbalances. .


The Mottistone offer private blood tests - once you know the tests you require please contact us for more information about this service. Dr Al-Bahrani will report on all private blood tests ordered through The Mottistone


NEW from November 2015 Mottistone will be offering a private phlebotomy appointment service for patients who have been referred for blood tests by their GP or another hospital - if you would prefer the convenience of an appointment please contact us. The cost will be £25 and will include complementary parking at The Mottistone Suite, St Marys Hospital. This service covers the phlebotomy only not reporting of the test, this will still go through the usual NHS process.

Meet your consultant

Dr Ali Al Bahrani

  • Job title: Consultant
  • Year qualified: 1985
  • Primary speciality:
  • Professional memberships: Royal College of Pathologists
  • Clinical interests: Metabolic lipid/bone/obesity and prevention of cardiovascular disease, treating high cholesterol and blood lipds, obesity, fatty liver, management of osteoporosis,Paget's Bone disease and diseases related to calcium disorder.
  • Qualifications: MBCh.B,MSc,Chem Path, CSi FRCPath

I have been fortunate to work in eminent metabolic units in the UK - Guy's & StThomas'and Royal Liverpool University Hospitals,where I have developed a great interest in the area of metabolic medicine.I have published high standard research internationally in the area of cholesterol, blood lipids, calcium and osteoporosis.

The areas of metabolic medicine in which I like to offer is an expertise are management of raised cholesterol and raised triglycerides, metabolic bone diseases - involving management of osteoporosis,Paget's disease, high/ low calcium,low vitamin D, high/low phosphate, gout and parathyroid gland disturbances.

In addition to Consultations at The Mottistone, Dr Al-Bahrani offers up to 20 minutes telephone consultations to discuss blood test investigations, advise of interpretation, clinical management & direction

Appointments contact number: 01983526699 Outpatient clinic times: Various times available